01 August, 2012

Gmail's new competitor: Outlook Mail

Gmail Leads
About three years ago, I wrote: About two years ago, Windows Live Search which was MSN evolved in to Live Search; but that didn't have much impact with users: Microsoft was still lagging behind Yahoo as a search engine and very much behind Google. Redmond had to come up with some thing. Desperate for a break, they came up with 'Kumo' which became 'Bing'. Today, Microsoft's email (Hotmail, Live Mail Etc.) - is still behind Yahoo Mail and very much behind Gmail. Now, Microsoft, has come up with, yet again, another Gmail and Clutter Killer: Outlook Mail.

Outlook Mail
Not the Outlook App that you have on your computer, this new Microsoft offering is a real Web-based email service which is supposed to replace Hotmail and Livemail. Yes: Outlook Mail has  a completely different interface from previous Microsoft email services; and it is very clean and uncluttered. It is also advanced in the way it sorts out all the machine-generated newsletters and any thing with attachments. Outlook Mail also, has a very good way of filtering emails, and integrates very well with all the main social medias. Unlike all other free email services, it has no limits on storage; and of all - it allows you to send the largest attachments. Best of all, it's slick and there are no advertisements any where on its interface - so far. This time, Microsoft introduced their new service without making much noise as they usually, unnecessarily, do before such an offering; that was very refreshing.

Though Outlook Mail is still in Beta and on trial form, and will be updated every now and then; it will take much more than this very much revamped version to catch up with Yahoo Mail; let alone, Gmail. Gmail, is still the best free or paid webmail service out there. Except for a few changes here and there, what Microsoft is doing now with its email service, Google pioneered and did with Gmail over seven years ago; and ever since, Gmail regularly refines even more, offering new superb features and becoming even better. Probably, Microsoft would need years to catch up where Gmail is right now. And unlike Microsoft, Google has been constant, firm and solid in giving excellent and the best email service for free; and keeping the same name for its email service since its inception: Gmail.