28 September, 2007

Live Search: Another 'major' Update

Another update. Anther try. Live Search - formerly known as MSN Search and Windows Live Search (even the name keeps on changing) - has just launched what they call their 'biggest' update since 2005. Hoping to attract more customers. The updated Live Search, isn't yet complete and looks very much (too much) like Google Search. The new design is clean, simple and easier to read and use. It also loads faster, unlike the previous Live.

But can Live, even by so closely imitating Google Search, attract more users and customers? Only time will tell, but without doubt, it's still behind Google, Ask.com and Yahoo when it comes to giving relevant answers. I have just tried it, and that's what I find.

Still, I rather like Translator Live (Beta); I tried it and it's real good. A good competition to Google Translator. Translator Live is far much better than Yahoo's Babel Fish Translator. Just one more point: I have noticed too, that Live Search's ranking algorithm has improved with the new look. Keep on trying Live!