04 June, 2009


I have been trying out Bing; compared to Microsoft's previous Live Search, it's a much better improvement. What's best, unlike Live, it's different, fun to use and does not try to imitate Google. And it's fast and does give very good results; as good as Google.

The Redmond company is spending millions, using every means, advertising its new re-branded search engine around the world; but, no amount of money or time spent advertising, or 'manifestos' - can make the new search engine compete successfully against Yahoo and especially Google. Bing has to prove itself; it has to have quality and has to continuously deliver better.

"While everyone was searching, there was bailing........While everyone was lost in the links, there was collapsing. We don't need queries and keywords if they bring back questions and confusion. From this moment on, search overload is officially over", so goes Bing's advertisement. And goes on to declare "the one and only 100 percent engineered to cut through the [crap] decision engine......it's time to Bing and decide." Well, I have been Binging, and so far - I like it and love the glitzy features that it has; Microsoft has certainly built a great search engine. I will be using Bing, most of the time, for the next several days or weeks; only time will tell, if I and others will continue Binging longer and more often as time goes on.