11 November, 2012

Camels for treating Autism

Camels in Mukalla, Hadhramaut
Camel urine has medicinal properties. Camel meat, fat free, is known for its high quality and for controlling cholesterol. Camel milk in many places, in the Arab world in particular, is used to treat many forms of ailments; and now, many are using it to treat autism. Can camel milk really treat autism? There is no convincing, solid proof that camel milk can treat autism. But, in Germany, there are camels from a farm being used as physiotherapy for treating autism. And reportedly, it works.

Kamelhof farm (Website: www dot kamelhof dot de) in Rotfelden, with the largest Bactrian (two humped) camel herd in Europe, with almost a hundred of these majestic animals, is also a tourist destination - reportedly attracting more than 50,000 visitors per year. Although camels are known to be gentle and phlegmatic, they are a rather erratic animal and can easily turn violent; but on Kamelhof, the camels have been tamed so effectively that visitors can get up close and personal; and interact so freely with the camels that even toddlers can hug the male animals - German efficiency? Reportedly, for the past three years, camels from the farm have been used for therapy, to successfully treat autistic children. The camels are used to treat the children by having children affected, spend time with the camels - some how, that closeness to the camels helps the autistic children to feel better and improve.

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