30 October, 2010

The National Geographic Mag in Arabic

Thanks to the UAE for not only having started the airing of the channel; and now The Magazine is here. The National Geographic Magazine. In Arabic. The National Geographic educates and informs about: geography, archaeology and natural science; and the promotion of environmental and historical conservation. The organizers of its Arabic version promised to fill a void with emphasis on environmental, ecological and sustainability issues that are under-covered in the existing Arabic-language media.

The National Geographic Arabic TV Channel, now watched by millions of Arabic speaking people - filled in the same void. The magazine will certainly sell and do well across the Arab world. Muhammad al-Hammadi, editor-in-chief of the new edition stated a fact when launching the magazine: "The stories in this magazine talk about all countries and all cultures........The readers here, they need this...." Indeed: readers here, maybe more than anywhere else - need to be made aware of environmental and ecological issues.

With population growing fastest here in the Middle East; and nations in the Arab world facing severe impacts from: climate change, water shortages, air and marine pollution and other environmental problems; with the rate of greenhouse gas emissions in the region among the steepest on the Planet, where three of the biggest emitters on a per capita basis being Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar - the Arab World needs to be informed and enlightened about environmental and ecological matters; especially those relating to the region. The Arab World needs this. Most of all: children and the youth.