19 February, 2010

National Geographic Abu Dhabi is a hit

National Geographic Abu Dhabi is now one of the most watched TV channels here. The non-profit scientific and educational institution, which started as a club way back in 1888, is very well known and recognized world wide, but - very few here ever knew about it before the airing of the Abu Dhabi Arabic channel.

Another Arabic TV channel similar to it, with a slight difference is: Al Jazeera Wathaikiyya. The National Geographic channel is popular with both the young and the old; it is refreshing and a change from the other many Arabic TV channels which air the news, movies, dramas and music. And for a change, rather than watching the constant display of gory news, the many senseless movies and dramas and the continuous mind sapping music with half naked women - more viewers and people are now watching and learning about animals, the environment, archaeology, places, cultures and other people; and best of all - learning and knowing about the delicate nature of our Planet and how to take care of it. Above all: it is educative in a very constructive and meaningful way.