31 August, 2010

If any of the Pakistani cricketers............

In life, many things we do, in fact - most things we do, we do them and we do so mainly for our: parents or for  our spouses or for our families or for our countries. Or, we do them because of our religion, traditions or values. Good sportsmen, especially those who represent nations, are supposed to represent the nations they come from; they should be disciplined, honest and exemplary. As for cricket, one of the few games known to be a 'gentleman's sport', those involved in it should be even more honorable.

If any of the Pakistani national team cricket players stooped so low and were indeed involved in the present betting scandal, then that would be the worst thing that any of them could do or could have done to/for their nation; especially now when their devastated country needs all the moral support it can get. It is the most dishonorable thing that any of them could have done. One can loose any thing - wealth or even health - and still regain it; but, to loose honor, and for such highly regarded personalities - it is almost impossible to regain it. 

Pakistan is reeling and being overwhelmed by an enormous disaster and tragedy; millions have lost everything: seeds, crops, incomes and homes. Pakistan is the last place that now needs unscrupulous and dishonest leaders or national sportsmen. Cricket is the most loved and most popular sports in Pakistan, and its national team - is its greatest pride.Very, hopefully - none of them bent so low and was involved in any of the scam that is boiling now. Very hopefully, all the Pakistani national team players are 'gentlemen'.