21 June, 2009

Congratulations Pakistan!

With all the troubles, problems and pains that Pakistanis go through almost every day, I can not help but celebrate and share the joy of Pakistan winning, after 17 years, the cricket World Cup. The Pakistani team did the unbelievable: after a long perilous march to the finals, against all odds, they won; won, by beating the once seemingly unbeatable - Sri Lanka - by eight wickets.

Incredibly and unashamedly, all the major news channels seem to be more interested in carnage, blood and pain. Always, they would give the suicide bombings and deaths in Pakistan - extensive headlines and coverage; they haven't done that with Pakistan's taking the trophy.

I, like all peace loving people around the world, who care for and love Pakistan, rejoice and share with Pakistanis in their joy and celebration. Congratulations Pakistan!

Photo: Cricinfo