03 April, 2010

Khor Al Mukalla: The Two Other Bridges

Apart from the two Blue Bridges over Khor Al Mukalla, there are two other bridges over it. One at the far end, near the sea; and one at the end of the water canal.

 The upper bridge, at the end of the Khor, was built by a Chinese company about thirty years ago. It was the longest bridge in Hadhramout, then, and for many years. It served Mukalla well, especially during flloods; linking one side to the other and allowing easy movement from both sides.

The upper bridge close to the sea, was built by a local company during the construction of the water canal in 2005. Both the two bridges at the end of the canal, serve vehicles mainly; and pedestrians too. With traffic fast increasing on Mukalla's roads, more bridges will certainly be built.