22 March, 2010

The Two Blue Bridges of Al Mukalla

Four bridges hang over the canal that runs through Khor Al'Mukalla; two of which are distinct and unique in Yemen. Two pedestrian only bridges, made of steel and painted blue. The two bridges are about 500 meters apart; right at the center of the Khor.

The above photo is taken from the main and longest bridge in Al Mukalla. This bridge is right next to the sea, is not blue and is mainly used by auto traffic. The first blue bridge can be seen, in the distance, from this bridge.
 The Blue Bridge closest to the sea, above and below, connects Al Salaam and Sher'g.
As Al Salaam and Sher'g are the busiest parts of Al Mukalla, this bridge is the busiest too. Sher'g is on the other side of this photo, in the distance.
Above: is the other blue bridge that connects Ba Ja'aman and Sher'g. Ba Ja'aman is on the right of this photo.

The above bridges are used solely by pedestrians. They have helped in making it easier to move between the two sides of the Khor. They, too, have helped in easing the normally congested Al Mukalla traffic on the main highways. The two blue bridges, might not be as elegant as this pedestrian bridge in Shanghai, China or as spectacular as the over 900m. long Bob Kerrey Bridge which is a pedestrian bridge too, over the Missouri River between Nebraska and Iowa; still, the Two Blue Bridges are beautiful in their own way. And they have added beauty, uniqueness and attraction to Al Mukalla.