07 July, 2009

The intricate windows of Yemen

I don't know of any where else, where so much care is taken to build such very elaborate, complex windows as in Yemen. Especially around Sana'a. Below, are a few photos of these windows:

I quote from the book, Yemen: Jewel of Arabia, by Charles & Patricia Aithie: "One of the most attractive aspects of Yemeni architecture, particularly domestic architecture, is the windows. These often consist of two parts: a lower part, for viewing and ventilation, separated by a lintel from an upper part which serves as a fanlight, filled with alabaster or glass to throw light inside the room. Some windows are simple openings made of shutters, alabaster and stained glass. Others include the shubaq, a perforated box structures jutting out from the wall so that women can look down into the street below without being seen...."