17 July, 2014

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan: An Oasis for Tourists and Millions Seeking Refuge from Conflicts

The Kingdom of Jordan is a Middle Eastern jewel that from a distance doesn’t seem to sparkle quite as brightly as some places in this part of the world.

Jordan is not blessed with expansive oil reserves like several other Arab nations. By their standards, it is a relatively poor Arab country. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, as it is officially known, is slightly smaller than Missouri. The current population is about 7.3 million.

24 June, 2014

Site Of Note: Lost Islamic History

Lost Islamic History
Today, the Muslim World is like one extensive, endless war zone. Today, the top five or even the top ten countries and regions with the most instability and upheavals around the world -- are Muslim. But, there was a time when the most enlightened region of the world was almost all Muslim. Then, when most of the world - eastern or western; southern or northern - were in darkness and backwardness, Islam was the Light.

12 June, 2014

Little Hadhramout, In Hyderabad, India

Drive out of Hyderabad's gleaming Rajiv Gandhi International Airport and you hit a brand-new highway created after hacking into the rugged hills around. Fifteen minutes into this fast track, after you've taken in the lushness en route and the medieval tomb of Sufi saint Baba Sharfuddin atop a steep hill, a sudden incongruity hits you.The spacious, greenery-lined road makes way for a narrow, potholed lane that leads to a cluster of one-storied houses.Inside the maze of alleys, men dressed in lungis and tent-like kurtas are loitering, some on motorcycles, some crowding the corner chaikhana. The few women around are veiled,mostly accompanied by male relatives.