13 April, 2009

Does the World truly care about Somalis?

While the World's international news gave wide and wall to wall coverage to the hijacked ship Maersk Alabama and the rescue of its captain Richard Phillips - very little press coverage has been given to the drowning and missing at sea of several Somalis just a few days ago.

Out of extreme misery and desperation, Somalis are pushed to extremes; to extremes to such as very much risking their lives to pirates and crossing the very dangerous and treacherous Gulf of Aden. Since the beginning of this year, hundreds of boats have arrived in Yemen from Somalia with thousands of refugees; over one hundred and fifty have been reported dead and many are still missing at sea, presumably dead.

Yemen continues to welcome, receive and assist the refugees. If only the International community would do all that is necessary and bring back Somalia to order and peace. For piracy to end and for Somalis to stop fleeing their country in desperation, Somalia needs a working nation, security and peace. And that will only be achieved if its neighbors and the international community get genuinely involved, not to meddle and dictate but to assist and help them. Much more important: Somalis have to put their petty differences aside, and for the sake of their children, women, the elderly, their own people and their country - they have to join hands together and unite to bring peace and stability to their country; and build and get back Somalia to its feet and to a working nation.