08 April, 2007

While Somalia bleeds.....

Two subjects that I find very difficult and painful writing or thinking about are: the situation in Somalia and Iraq. It's unimaginable to think that the World, or the so called 'international community' can allow such suffering and misery to continue. Instead, we know that both in Somalia and Iraq - foreign countries and entities are helping to fuel the very bad condition and situation in these two countries.

One of the very few countries that has allowed a very large number of Somalis in and assisted them, is Yemen. As poor as we are and as few the resources we have, are - there is a large number of Somali refugees in Yemen. No doubt, the refugees, once here, are not happy, continue to suffer and - the conditions they face, are very hard. But, at least here in Yemen, they have peace and security.

Thousands of Somalis have perished while trying to reach the Safety that Yemen provides. Most reach Yemen by sea; it's by sea that most Somalis have lost their lives while trying to reach Yemen's shores. As if the anarchy that Somalia has is not enough, those trying to flee - have to face the most cruel of 'pirates' and treacherous waters. Once in Yemen, safe and secure - the refugees have to endure the psychological and physical hardships of being a refugee. Once in Yemen, many plan and dream of moving on, further; to places that offer better opportunities and conditions. Places and destinations, that - unlike Yemen - do not easily allow in Somalis. Places that do not easily open their doors to the refugees as Yemen does.

Somalis. A people whom I have had the luck and honor of befriending many; a people so fiercely proud of themselves and their culture; a people who very much value honor and dignity; a people so full of pride: have been so badly shaken and broken and reduced to what they are now. While the anarchy, extreme suffering and misery continue in Somalia - where is the 'international community'? Where is the UN and other world bodies? While Somalia bleeds, why aren't its neighbours trying to do all that they can to help? To HELP and ASSIST. Not to interfere and meddle. Not to play games. But to honestly and truly help. While Somalia bleeds, how many truly and honestly care about it and its people?