25 March, 2009

Sights from Hadhramout

On a recent visit around Hadhramaut, I took these:

Hundreds of years old tombs in Naqa'a; Naqa'a is about 35 kms. or so, East of Al Mukalla.

Above is a suburb of Ghail Bawazeer, a quiet, sleepy town. Ghail Bawazeer, about 30 kms. East of Al Mukalla, like Tarim, was in the past, a center for knowledge.

An old gate, in She'her: about 50 kms. East of Al Mukalla.

Above is a suburb in Seiyoun; Seiyoun is the largest urban center in Wady Hadhramout.

Baharaan, in the very fertile Wadi Hadhramaut. The recent rains and floods swept here and killed many, destroyed crops and many buildings.

Palm fringed Wady Al Ain, the entrance, going down, in to Wadi Hadhramout.

This small village, known for its palm trees and coconuts, is at the entrance, from Al Mukalla, going up to the high lands of Hadhramout.

Spectacular mountains and valleys can be seen as one climbs higher.

The road winds up on the plateau; one can at times see floating clouds down yonder.