29 January, 2009

Tarim: Hadhramout

Tarim or Tareem was once the cultural, academic and theological center not only for Hadhramaut, but the whole of the Arabian Peninsular. Tarim has lost most of its glory and splendor but it still is a center for Islamic scholars and education. On a recent visit, I took a few pictures of some its old neglected magnificent buildings; buildings that reflect the glorious past that the city had:

It's a pity that these old treasures have never been protected and renovated.

There are many such buildings in the Hadhramout Valley, but Tarim boasts the most.

The recent storm, heavy rains and floods - have been very devastating to Tareem and the surrounding areas. Much has been written about Tarim; much more than on Al Mukalla or on the architectural wonder - Shibam. Go to here, here and here , for more on the wonders of Tarim.