13 November, 2008

An Old Settlement discovered in Wady Hadhramout

A few days ago, an ancient settlement was discovered in the very fertile Wady Hadhramout. It's not yet known how old the settlement is; reports say, it could be thousands of years old. The recent heavy rains and powerful floods, washed away large parts of soil and land in many parts of the Valley where the torrent of floods passed through.

About 12 kms. East of Seiyoun, in Baur, Wady Sa'uh, as villagers went to till their land after the floods -
they found large parts of the upper soil, washed away; they noticed too, some strange objects and what looked like submerged buildings, on their land. They realized that the objects were human made, and reported it to the the local authorities. It's only after proper archaeological studies have been done, that the real age, facts and more details about the settlement and discovery will be known.

Hadhramaut is known for its rich history and ancient civilizations. And as Hadhramout is large, archaeological studies have not been extensive; they have only been confined to very few areas. There is no doubt that much more, about its ancient history and old civilizations, is still to be discovered.