26 August, 2008

The Gates of Seiyoun

Wady Hadhramout is known for its intricately and exquisitely made windows and doors; mainly - wooden. Of late, more and more houses have steel and aluminum windows and doors; and gates. Recently on a visit to Seiyoun, I managed to take a few photos of some of the finest gates I saw around there. All these gates, are the main entrances in to walled homes. All made of steel - except the one in the middle which is made of wood.

Seiyoun, the town of date palm trees and green gardens; and narrow streets, filled with scents of spices - has many imposing buildings with excellent examples of clay brick architecture, which Wadi Hadhramout is famed for. Some of the most beautiful mosques and minarets in Hadhramaut are in Seiyoun. And: some of the most imposing gates.