05 May, 2008

Another Beast Falls

We always find the doings of those like the other Beast - shocking; and such doings and likes - make any sane, normal person ashamed of belonging to the human race; it makes us men, even more so. It's us men who seem to be in the habit of comitting such despicable, horrfying acts against our own kind: raping and molesting children, incest, sex trafficking, serial killing etcetera. It's mostly us men who have such exteme evilness in us. I tought I had heard and known enough about men and how low and beastly we can get: it's we men, who have topped the list of the World's worst serial killers, either by this list or this; Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot and most of those who butchered their own fellow countrymen and neighbours in Rwanda - were men. It's mostly us men who have been the most destructive, most bloody and most evil here on Earth. But, still, in all these; in all that I have heard, read and known about men, nothing has shocked me and shaken me as the doings of the man from Amstetten, Austria: 73-year old Josef Fritzl. Just typing his name, sends chills through me.

Al human beings have a dark side; all human beings have a beast lying within us. All that is needed for that beast to uncoil and to come out, is not to have control over it and to allow it lose. It's greed, lust and the thirst for power that, when not controlled, have in most cases, driven people to be swayed or controlled by the beast within. Still, however much I try to think and ponder about what Josef Fritzl did, I simply can not understand how a man can do what he did: begin abusing his daughter when she was only eleven years old; lock her and the other children who followed - his own blood and flesh - in an underground cellar and never allow them out; sometimes keep that same dughter on a dog leash; systematically abuse and rape her; fathering seven children with her, one of which died shortly after birth and whose body Fritzl burned in a furnace in the house; and for the past 24 years, while he was doing all this, continue to behave and act normally and be a normal part of the Amstetten community! Nothing about human evilness has ever shocked me as this.

Other cases similar to this, have happened before in Austria: a few years ago, another girl, Natascha Kampusch, was kidnapped at the age of 10, and was imprisoned in a cellar for eight years; and in 2007 - it was revealed that a middle aged lawyer in Linz, had suffered a nervous breakdown after her divorce, and imprisoned her three daughters (aged between 7 and 13) in a squalid cellar in almost total darkness, for almost seven years. Men, by nature, not only Austrians, can and do become such beasts. But none, by comparison has been like Josef Fritzl.

Josef Fritzl locked up his daughter underground when he was almost 50 years old; he couldn't have just turned into one of the most evil creatures the World has ever known, just all of a sudden like that. I am certain Josef has other very dark, shocking secrets hidden; secrets that we may never know of. What I find most disturbing is: suppose Josef had died before his horror was discovered, what would have happened to his captives underground? Josef is now trying to plead insanity and try to evade going to prison (he should be hanged); even if he does evade prison, such Beasts like Josef Fritzl, once unmasked and discovered, live and continue living a life of no more than utter agony and hell.

Above photo from: Times Now