20 October, 2007

The Beast Has Been Captured

The beast has been captured! And yet, he is only one of the very many of such sex freaks out there to have been arrested. Given the nature of what their deformed minds lead them to do, most, simply, are never brought to justice. Most, just go on committing such disgusting acts without ever having to pay for it. And without ever their sordid acts being known.

They, the pedophiles, say that they are 'driven' to go for children and minors through 'compulsion'. Just as serial killers, do explain their nature in the same way. It's said too, once one is a pedophile - it's 'almost impossible to stop'.

In Thailand, with its very liberal ways on sex, such predators easily find victims. It would be very helpful, if Thailand and places with such liberty - can do all it takes to make pedophiles and such sexually sick characters, find it very hard to practice what their sick minds 'drive' them to.

I can understand philanderers and promiscuous women. But I find it impossible to understand how one, man or woman, can have any sexual interest in minors or children. In many Middle Eastern countries, girls of very young ages are forced to marry much older men. Men whom they detest and hate. Years back, before I got married, there was this girl who was related to me, who was forced (by her father) in to such a marriage; she was about 18 then, and the man was about 63. Once, she told me that - she would repeatedly vomit whenever 'the old man' would touch her. She was so miserable, that in the end - she ran away, and as she could not return to her parents home, she lead a very unstable life, moving from place to place. A few years ago, broken and looking much older than her age, she died. Isn't/wasn't that a crime too? Aren't parents who force their daughters in to such marriages - criminals too? Aren't men, who prefer getting married to girls much younger than them; girls who have no love for them at all and who have no liking for them at all - aren't such men pedophiles too?

It's very painful, knowing that - out there - there are thousands (may be millions) of young people, mostly girls, who are molested or forced in to sexual acts or relationships against their will. And most of them, keep silent; either because it's too shameful or sensitive to speak out. Or: they have been forced by circumstances, or even worse - by their own parents or elders - in to such painful and miserable situations.