10 March, 2008

The Spectacular Wady Do'an

I came across this stunning video of Wady Do'an, on Al Arabiya. Having visited Wady Do'an many times, I still find the Wady as enchanting and fascinating as when I first saw it about twenty-two years ago. The Wady is about 200 kms. south of Al Mukalla and about 80 kms North-East of the other sensation and wonder of Hadhramout: Shibam. Wadi Do'an is easily accessible from both sides.

Wadi Do'an - which has some of its villages dating back to over a thousand years - has unbelievable, breathe-taking, visually contradicting scenery. It's more of a canyon. With valleys, lush greenery, date palm trees and many small villages of beautiful houses built of mud bricks and painted with white-wash; and on either side, as far as you could see - are awesome barren, desolate cliffs and rocks. Watch the video. And you will have an idea of how spectacular Wady Do'an is.