14 March, 2008

Client No. 9

The American news media, as always, relishes such dirt. Not even yesterday's big slump of the Dollar, or the precarious state of the American economy or the current (undemocratic) tight Democratic Party's race for the White House - not any of these is getting, now, as much coverage and such focused reporting as the former Governor of New York Eliot Spitzer's fall. And what a fall.

For a man who espoused high morals and a man who seemed to have a solid and impeccable integrity; for a politician who rose on a sword of righteousness and who went after official corruption and malfeasance with a vengeance, Eliot Spitzer has not only fallen, but made a big fool of himself. And enormously betrayed his wife and children. I fail to understand how American politicians have no consideration at all for their spouses; Spitzer could at least have spared his wife the public humiliation of dragging her to stand by him when he announced his resignation.

For a married man to fall in love with another woman or be swayed by the charms of another woman - I can understand. But for a married man - especially in Spitzer's position - to seek the services of a prostitute, and several times, I utterly fail to comprehend. I never knew there were such grotesquely expensive prostitutes! America is truly a land of extremes and excesses.

It's one of the old listed Deadly Sins: Lust, that seems to have gotten Spitzer. The Vatican recently updated its list of Deadly Sins; they missed including Hypocrisy as one of the worse sins. Of hypocrites, few can match Spitzer. He went along fooling every one that he was special and is no common American politician. In the end, he has made a big fool and a buffoon of himself. Very unfortunately, he is married. And that's what I find most sad: his hurting his family so deeply and as terribly as he has done.