12 February, 2007

A Recently Deceased Person

It could have been best written by John Grisham - or James Hadley Chase? I don't think Agatha Christie, could have. The story of: Anna Nicole Smith, real name - Vickie Lynn Hogan. In real life, she lived one of the strangest and most unrealistic lives I can ever imagine.

She was not good in school; gave birth to her first child, in her teens; due to her stunning beauty, became one of Playboy's most celebrated playmates; married an 89 year old man (a billionaire) 63 years her senior, who dies 13 months after marrying her (no wonder); reportedly lost 35 plus kilograms in weeks (or was it in days?); recently, lost her son (20 years old) in mysterious circumstances; and during her last days, was tangled in legal problems - which all seem to be related to money. A few days ago, Anna, thirty-nine years old, suddenly died.

And now, after death, the whole story of the woman who wanted to be the next Marilyn Monroe, is becoming more bizarre and is slowly being turned in to a circus. Watching CNN a few days ago, I couldn't help being both saddened and amused; I couldn't help noticing how the Seminole Police Chief Charlie Tiger - was so reluctant in answering questions from newsmen (why was he so reluctant?), while Dr. Joshua Perper, chief medical examiner of Broward County, Florida - seemed to have been very willing to answer all questions directed to him; Dr. Perper, was actually very much enjoying every moment of it and relishing it. As if all this is not enough and as Anna's body still, remains in hospital - several men are already claiming to be the father of her infant daughter; including a dubious 'prince' (husband of Zsa Zsa Garbor); all driven by greed? Can it get murkier than this?

In Anna Nicole's story, one can get to understand how money, greed and materialism drives the lives and ambitions of many Americans, if not most (I say this with all due respect to Americans). Isn't there a limit to what one can do for money? Or publicity - publicity, which in turn translates to money? Can't people, especially men, be honorable and at least leave the woman alone now that she is dead? Can't those who profit and make names through gossip - Larry King being at the helm - respect the dead? It's when I watch or read such things on TV or the news about the world yonder, that I love, even more, my Mukalla and Hadhramout. We respect the dead.