01 May, 2006

Sites On Islam

Try searching on Technorati or any other source, for blogs on: Islam, Muslim or Muhammad. And what do you find? An array of blogs. Most of which have very little idea or are shallow, on the subjects. Most of those considered as those with 'authority' on the subjects, are actually by non Muslims. And many are out to distort and confuse. And many too, are hateful of Islam and its concepts.

I always read as many as I can; focused. Some of what is written, is just incredible! And yet, many such blogs are considered 'authoritative' on one or any of the three subjects. The conflict in Darfur and Chad, is mainly between Muslims and ethnic; it has nothing to do with religion; and yet, this is made to look as if Muslims are out to wipe out non Muslims. Note: never is it mentioned that foreign powers, in particular - the United States, were once very supportive of North Sudan! And rarely is America's present role in Chad mentioned.

And try looking for blogs on 'Arab': much better. Many Arab bloggers are prominent; Sabbah being the most outspoken. It is relieving. Yet too, many other non Arab blogs are out to distort and confuse. 'Terrorism' seems to be the excuse. The excuse to pour hate on Arabs.

With English being the main media for blogging and Arabic one of the least used, this trend will continue. But, what ever is written about or on: Islam, Muslims or Muhammad - facts and truth will always stand out and excel. Islam has withstood challenges before, and come out stronger. This time, it will too. And though Prophet Muhammad has never had such wide scrutiny and focus; that too, will favorably serve Muslims.