24 January, 2006

Islam: how it spreads and how it uses power

I have always been surprised at how repeatedly it is said that, Islam only spreads by force or by the sword. And yet, even with all the enormous negative reportage and media coverage that Islam has now - Islam at present, is not only the fastest growing religion in Africa and most of the developing world, but in America and Canada too. Despite all the crap in some medias about how hard and unfair Islam is to women, it is women more than men who are converting to Islam, in droves, in America, Europe and Australia.

Can not those who say such things go back, and study history and learn how very recently - Islam spread in such places like: Indonesia, Malaysia, East Africa, Mozambique, Maldives and many other countries?

Then, there are those who repeatedly say that - others should beware of Islam; that, if Islam has power - it is extremely dangerous as Islam can not be trusted with power! Have they forgotten that, just a few years ago when Europe and most of the world were still living in the dark ages and were very backwards - Islam was the shining light and the only super power? And Islam had this military power and power of knowledge much longer than the present powers have had them? And Islam used that power much more constructively and mercifully than others. Compare that with others, even as recently as the last Century: World War I, Napoleon, World War II, Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Emperor Hirohito, Vietnam, Pol Pot, Rwanda, Charles Taylor, Joseph Kony and many such others, had nothing to do with Islam.

Have they forgotten the enormous contributions of Islam to the present moving knowledge that we have? The basis of the computer and the Internet - that I am using now - were laid down long ago by Muslims; and Muslims have contributed a lot, in many of the present development of our civilization; be it arts or science. Critics of Islam should go back in to history and see how the Muslims used their knowledge and power; and compare that, with how knowledge and military power - has been used by those who came after the military power of Islam declined.


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