21 March, 2007

Hadhramaut's Turtles Finally Get Attention

I did write about the turtles in Hadhramout, last April and then last July. Finally the turtles are getting some kind of better protection. I very much hope it's enforced and works. It took photos taken of the endangered turtles to get a much needed and better attention:
"Photos taken by Dutch tourists of the slaughter of two sea turtles threatened with extinction have prompted the government to make plans for a natural protectorate to keep the turtles safe from harm. The protectorate will be created in the adjacent Sharma and Gathmon regions of Hadhramout governorate, and will become one of the most important national and global sites for the settlement of the rare green seaturtles worldwide, said the Environment Protection Authority in the Ministry of Water and Environment."
I am overjoyed and relieved! Among the turtles that breed in Hadhramaut are the endangered green turtles (Chelonia mydas). More on turtles of Hadhramout here.