21 April, 2017

Anies Baswedan Becomes the New Governor of Jakarta

Descendants of the people of Hadhramaut have traveled and settled in many countries of Southern Asia and Eastern Africa. With time, they have all assimilated very well with the indigenous people of these places. Many have excelled, not only in Islam and religious matters; and as traders and merchants -- but in many fields. Including leadership. Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia and its largest metropolis has a new governor. A Hadhrami.

Anies Basweydan is the new elected governor of Jakarta, Indonesia. For descendants of the millions of the Hadharem around the world, in South East Asia, and especially in Indonesia -- this is a huge victory. It's always a great joy seeing a son of Hadhramout win. For the people of Hadhramaut, too, this is a great victory, very pleasing and makes all full of pride.

Very unfortunately for the people of Hadhramaut, where many left and gave other people, in distant places, "Light" -- Hadhramout, the Fatherland, is still stooped by the same many reasons that made the many Hadhrarem to flee the Homeland many years ago. The same reasons that are still making thousands of young Hadhramis to want to flee. Hadhramout is still being weighed down by: poverty, gabwala (tribalism), nepotism, favoritism and greed. It's still weighed down by short sighted and self-centered leaders. When will Hadhramout, the Fatherland, have the same kind of democracy, transparency, lack of corruption and enlightened leadership that allowed Anies Baswedan to become a governor of such a large city, thousands of kilometers away from the Homeland; and which has a population several times that of Hadhramaut? When will Hadhramout rise?

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