05 September, 2014

Marquese 'Nonstop' Scott: The Sensation Few People Know Of

My sons, like most young men, like and dance to hiphop music - while I have always taken very little interest in them and found them sort of crude. For me, music - whether Arabic or African or Indian or Western - is best, if it's old and preferably, classic. About a year ago, as I was going through some YouTube songs, by coincidence I bumped on this dance video; I knew the song (The Quick and the Dead) but I didn't know any thing about the two young men dancing. I was very impressed at the way the two danced; it was like ballet but with a twist. Of the two dancing, it was the taller man with the checkered shirt who I found most remarkable. Later, with the help of my sons, I learnt that he was a kind of hiphop dancer; that his style of dancing was called 'dubstep'; that he was called: Marquese Scott and also known as Nonstop.

My sons later showed me clips of another hiphop dancer: (Salah) who is world famous and my sons and their friends kept on insisting that Salah was the best in the world; Salah is very gifted, but the more I watched Marquese, the more I realized I was watching a one of a kind; a superstar. And I knew that it would only be a matter of time before Nonstop became a sensation; in fact, I wondered how no one had noticed the incredible, unique talent he had and made some thing big out of it. Nonstop's videos are some of the most viewed on YouTube; one of his vieos 'Pumped Up Kicks' has been viewed by more than one hundred million people. As for being 'noticed': Coca~Cola took note. For Coca-Cola, one of the largest brands on Earth, who are known for choosing only the best of the best for their advertisements, to take note of Marquese Scott, and use him - is a huge achievement for Scott. As for the Coca~Cola video ad: On Top Of The World - I can only say this --- it reminds me of Michael Jackson's spellbinding performance of 'Billie Jean' for Motown in 1983.

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