24 June, 2014

Site Of Note: Lost Islamic History

Lost Islamic History
Today, the Muslim World is like one extensive, endless war zone. Today, the top five or even the top ten countries and regions with the most instability and upheavals around the world -- are Muslim. But, there was a time when the most enlightened region of the world was almost all Muslim. Then, when most of the world - eastern or western; southern or northern - were in darkness and backwardness, Islam was the Light.

Then, Muslims lead: from Mansa Musa from Mali to the beginning of the creation of coffee as a beverage in Yemen; from the creation of the first university in the world and the adventures of Ibn Battuta from Morocco to Zheng He, China's greatest explorer; from Andalusia through Syria, Iraq, Persia, Uzbekistan and on to India -- Muslims were the leading lights in exploration, invention, adventure, knowledge and learning. Muslims experimented, lead and achieved. Today, no other site, online reminds, educates and enlightens about these great achievements by Muslims like Lost Islamic History  -- whose stated mission is to educate all people, regardless of religious affiliation about the story of Muslims of the past. They go on to state: Great feats have been achieved by Muslims throughout the world for the past 1400 years and they deserve to be recognized. It is our belief that the only way Muslims (and the world in general) can again regain such prominence and success is to follow Islam as it is meant to be followed. This website aims to promote that by giving examples of successful Muslims who adhered to Islam and contrasting it with those who were not successful and did not follow Islam closely. And that's exactly what the site is about. Visit their site for more. Or, you can read their book: 'Lost Islamic History: Reclaiming Muslim Civilisation From The Past' -- (order from Hurst Publishers or from Amazon).