13 December, 2013

Hadhramout's Wonderful Sunsets 5

One evening in Mukalla, these stunning sunset views were very briefly displayed, for any one who had the time and interest to gaze - as the sun was taking its final dip in the west. The white, heavenly, flowery clouds; the glow of light above the clouds; and the piercing, lamp like sunlight below the clouds - were absolutely wonderful and mesmerizing.

I took these photos spontaneously and in a hurry. The view lasted for less than ten minutes and it was gone. The problem, as in all such situations, I very much wanted to take photos of the magnificent sight before me; but, at the same time, I wanted to enjoy and appreciate it with my own, naked eyes. In those few minutes, I manged to do both. But, photos are awesome; they are always there for you to relive such magical moments.