05 November, 2013

Hadhramout Sand Lizard: data and information unavailable

Hadhramaut sand lizard (Scientific name: Mesalina adramitana) is a creature that I used to see many years back in many parts of Hadhramout - especially the north-west; but, of late, I have been trying very hard to see one but have failed. Mesalina adramitana is reportedly an abundant species found almost everywhere in Oman and Hadhramout; and is also found in other parts of the Arabian Peninsular.

I have tried hard to find information, online, on the lizard, but, incredibly, almost none exists. Due to very little, if any, field research on wildlife done or being done in Hadhramawt (by locals in particular), there are many other animals and plants - both on land and in the sea - found in Hadhramout, that are hard to find any information on. Research that educational intuitions, colleges and centers in the region, should be doing are not being done. As it is, now - Hadhramout's education system and institutions, are dire and crumbling. But, even before this - educational institutions and those who should be responsible in the region, have very rarely invested time to do research on the very many, abundant and varied wildlife found here.

Instead of locals mainly depending on foreigners and foreign agencies on doing research; and providing data and information on wildlife in the region - Hadhramis, and people in the region, should be responsible and take it upon ourselves to do proper and extensive research on wildlife. I have no doubt, that there some animal and plant species living on land and in the sea, in Hadhramout, that are unknown. Some, or many, could even be endangered or going extinct without us knowing.

+ IUCN Red List
+ The Reptile Database