19 November, 2013

Hadhramout Has Talent - Does It?

Bo Hadhram Style
When one sees Hadhramout's capital city, Mukalla, strewn with litter, garbage ansd sewage - one might not be blamed to say that the Hadharem have no talent. But, when one knows and remembers that it is the Hadhramis who created the incredible Shibam, Tarim and the many outstanding architectural pieces around Hadhramout; when one remembers Abu Bakar Salim Bilfageeh (ابوبكر سالم بلفقيه) and Hussain Abubakar Al'Mahdhaar (حسين ابوبكر المحضار) and their remarkable achievement; and when one remembers of the many Hadhramis who have done and achieved much in foreign lands, starting right from the beginning of Islam, to Ibn Khaldoon to the many others from times past to the present who have had enormous influence out of Hadhramout - one realizes that the Hadharem indeed have enormous talent.

Why doesn't that talent show today in Hadhramaut? Why do Hadhramis of today, even the young, seem to have no talents or skills and seem lethargic? With the many economic problems that Yemen has been facing, which has become even worst of late; with poor and mediocre educational institutions; and with very little, if any, incentives - the Hadharem cannot be blamed for not showing natural talents and gifts which they are historically known to be greatly endowed with. For most gifted and talented Hadhramis, they either live frustrated in Hadhramout or leave and go to foreign lands where conditions allow and they can easily create and achieve; sadly and very unfortunately, most do leave and most of them very rarely return to Hadhramaut.

Some, like 'Talents Of Hadramout' refuse to give up. With all the lack of incentives and against all odds, they create and do. With the Internet, they have found a means that allows them to show and express their artistic talents. Though an imitation of South Korean, Psy's, extraordinarily successful 'Gangnam Style', their locally made and produced Bo Hadhram Style - بو حضرم ستايل, has in its own way become very successful, especially in the Arab world. For a video by a local group of Mukalla young men with very limited, meager means, to achieve almost one-and-a-half million hits (as of today) on YouTube is truly exceptional. Unlike 'Talents Of Hadramout', most other Hadharem living in Hadhramout - live all their lives, without them or any one else realizing their talents.