10 July, 2013

Hadhramout Moon Phase - Day One Of Ramadhan

On day one of Ramadhan in Hadhramout, although cloudy, a clear, large crescent could be clearly seen above. The moon is starting its phase during this very Holly month. When I was young living in some of the remotest parts of East Africa, I still recall how we began the fasting, not through announcements through radios or TVs - we began our Ramadhan when we sighted the crescent.

My late father took much interest in the stars, the galaxy and astronomy. He knew much about the movement of stars and could easily tell directions through their positions. It's during Ramadhan and religious holidays and festivities that I remember and miss him most. Watching the large crescent today, I know that this would be the 15th Ramadhan without him. To all Muslims: Ramadhan Mubarak. And to all peace loving people around the world: we share only one Planet. Let's take care of it, all creatures in it and its environment - responsibly.