26 March, 2013

Has the Arab League changed?

The Arab League's major players have changed, but has the League of Arab States workings changed? Watching the 24th session of the Arab Summit being held in Doha, it seems very much like old summits where statements and declarations are made; and agreements are reached. Most previous Arab Summits have been more of rhetoric than substance and action. Will it change this time?

If one year from now, Israel is still expanding its constructions in Occupied Palestine; if one year from now, Israel will still be blockading Gaza; if one year from now, Palestinians in the Occupied Lands do not have the freedom of movement; if from now onwards, Palestinians and all Muslims do not have free access to Al'Aqsa Mosque; and if from now onwards, there is no meaningful, feasible process for Palestinians having an independent state, then the present Doha Summit will have been a waste of time and a failure just like other summits before it.