25 March, 2013

Hadhramout Weather Alert

It is reported that in several parts of Hadhramaut - for the last few days, there have been heavy rains; sometimes with thunderstorms. Rains are a blessing to most people who live in the rural areas of Hadhramaut: it means crops will grow and it means having food. It means people would have water. But with these blessings, there are many flooded areas too. These floods, flash floods in particular, can be very dangerous and at times - fatal. Very few in Hadhramout can forget the destructive and deadly rains and storm of 2008. Floods have been reported near Mukalla, in Wadi Hadhramout, in Wady Do'an, in Wadi Sa'ah, near Wadi Al'Ain, near Sa'um and near Ghail Bin Yumain.

For the last few years, rains and floods have caused much destruction in Hadhramout. Many lives have been lost. The greatest danger for those traveling or moving around Hadhramaut, are flash floods. Any one traveling, should take extreme care when crossing roads or valleys. Wherever there is a possibility of floods, do not cross. Always stay on higher grounds. No matter how shallow a stream across a road may seem, do not cross it as there is a possibility of flash floods. It is after the rains have stopped that there is the greatest danger of floods; even in areas where there has been no rain at all. Those traveling where there have been no rains, have to take as much care; those on dry areas, where there have been no rains - are usually taken unawares: the floods simply come down unexpectedly and - should any one not have taken care, the danger of being swept away is there.

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