01 December, 2012

Qat Ban in Mukalla, Hadhramaut

For some times now, there has been an increased drive to ban the trading of qat within Hadhramout. Reportedly, for the last few days, the campaign has intensified, particularly to ban the sale of qat within Mukalla. Many, political leaders, religious leaders and tribal elders are pushing for that. While the youth are conducting demonstrations. But, can qat be barred?

The chewing of qat is an acquired taste and habit. Like all habits, it is not easy to stop or break. For years now, the people of Hadhramout who very rarely used to chew the narcotic plant before, have gradually taken up the very bad habit of doing so; young, males in particular.

It will not be easy stopping these chewers, many, if not most are now addicted to the leaves. And there are thousands of people who are dependent on the trade of qat. They and their families depend on it for earning. These qat traders should be persuaded and convinced to find other means of livelihood. Other ways can be used to convince people on the leaves' destructiveness. Medias like radio and TV channels can be used. Posters depicting the unhealthiness and destructiveness of the leaves should be distributed. Parents and teachers can very much help in driving the point that chewing qat is bad, not only for one's health, but economically too. People should be made aware that chewing qat is expensive to the health system and is using too much water; water, resource that the country has too little of.

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