26 December, 2012

CNN Heroes the Super Program

CNN Heroes, an annual event presented by CNN at the end of the year, was aired first in 2007. When watching it then, I thought, sadly, that the program - one of the very few very humanitarian and very touching presentations on TV - won't last long. But, very thankfully, it has lasted and grown. And undoubtedly, it should be one of the most popular programs for CNN.

Instead of us watching suffering, miseries and wars repeatedly on our TV screens - CNN Heroes presents another side of our world. Another side of how a very few, a very handful of very ordinary people are changing, elevating and improving lives around the world. How these Heroes have given positive purpose and meaning to others lives. Certainly, there are many more other heroes out there around the world who sacrifice, and give joy and meaning to the less fortunate who we will never hear of or know of. For most of us who sit and just watch the program, there is a way you too can help. Go here and support the Heroes.