15 December, 2012

Arms, Men and what happened in Connecticut

Why did a twenty-or-so-year-old, seemingly very normal young man, brutally and mercilessly slaughter people, including his mother, and very young children in Newtown, Connecticut? Why would this young man choose to kill so many, such innocent and very young children? It is impossible to explain any of these. No psychiatrist or expert can explain any of these actions. No psychiatrist or expert can explain what would prompt any person, let alone a supposedly very normal young man, to go on a rampage and indiscriminately kill as many people, especially such young, helpless children as has happened.

It is mainly men who like having guns and being armed. And, it is always men, whether in wars, or in times of peace who fire guns to kill. It is mainly men, who too, enjoy hunting animals and most times, not to kill because they need to eat - but, for sports. And it is mainly men who commit such horrific acts as has happened in Newtown.

Yemen Is The Second Most Armed Country In The World
After the United States of America, Yemen has the most people who possess arms than any where else on Earth. As there are no proper, reliable statistics in Yemen, Yemenis might likely have more guns per person than US citizens. Almost every household in Yemen, including in Hadhramaut, has some kind of gun; and almost every man has a gun. A kind of gun that can, at any time, be used not for sports, or for defensive purposes, but for indiscriminately and mercilessly butchering innocent, helpless people.

Yemen Has One Of The Least Gun Violence
But, although Yemen has the second highest (or the highest) gun possession per person, in the world - it has one of the lowest gun violence on Earth. As unstable and chaotic as it may seem to be right now, compared to other parts of the world, very few people are killed using hand guns in Yemen, especially in Hadhramawt. It does happen some times, that some one takes up a gun, and in a way that can not never be explained, goes on a rampage and kills people. But killing such innocent, helpless young children and so many as has happened in America, that - I have never heard of. And in such a tragic, grisly, dramatic and stunning way; and events being displayed live on international television channels as is happening, I believe can never happen in Yemen, especially in Hadhramout.

In Yemen, like in the US, passing and enforcing laws on the possession of guns is a very sensitive and very difficult issue. Yemeni men, like their American counter parts, just love guns. But, unlike in Yemen where, in times of peace, gun related deaths are very rare, some Americans simply can't be trusted with guns. As sensitive and as difficult an issue and a task as it is, American leaders have to do some thing about the way guns are used.

During the Hurricane Katrina disaster in 2005, some men who were armed, instead of trying to save lives or assisting people in need, were going around stealing and terrorizing others. Using guns. Several times before, there have been dreadful acts similar to what happened in Connecticut. Every day, in the US, hundreds of people are killed due to guns. After what happened in Newtown, Connecticut, will Americans, those in authority in particular, do some thing about gun possession in the US? 

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