21 November, 2012

Site of Note: the Muslim Village

The Muslim Village, an Australian based Islamic website, is modern, refreshing, absorbing, informative and an excellent resource for Muslims and any one interested in knowing about Islam. From their site:
MuslimVillage Incorporated is a non-sectarian, non-profit organisation run by volunteers, and relies on the support and good will of brothers and sisters in the community to survive. Previously known as IslamicSydney.com, it was established in 2001 to provide a focal point for Muslims living in Australia, to bind the community together and be an extensive source of information for locals and visitors. We appreciate your efforts in contributing to this site to make it successful…
Muslim Village is one of the very few constructive, useful and innovative Islamic sites. With it being as hard as it is finding such Muslim based sites, I do congratulate them on their outstanding site and wish all those responsible for it, the best of luck.