11 August, 2012

Quranic Manuscripts Exhibition in Dubai

Since its inception, during the month of Ramadhan, over one-thousand-four-hundred-years-ago, the Noble Qur'an remains the same to this day. If you are in Dubai, or will pass through the city, until the 16th of August (entry is free) - there will be one of the best exhibitions you can ever see of how this Noble Book has evolved, in style and format, through the ages. It is being held at the Juma AlMajid Centre for Culture & Heritage, in Salahuddin Street, Khor Al Anz, Deira.

The exhibition: 'Quranic Manuscripts Through the Ages', will take you through the many different stages of the written format and style of the Noble Qur'an, through the many centuries. Online, at the exhibition center - you can browse through a display of manuscripts showing the Holy Quran written in its many formats, through the ages. The Noble Qur'an's wording and content hasn't changed and remains exactly the same since the time the Book was revealed; but its presentation, format and style has evloved, adapted and changed, reflecting its different readership throughout the ages. On dispaly, are manuscripts dating to as far back as 1,000 years ago; and some date back to hundreds of years. At the Juma Al Majid center, too, there are over half-a-million cultural media items, thousands of books, periodicals and out of print publications; and many photographs of historical Dubai.

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