15 August, 2012

'NO SMOKING' for the very Lucky Australians

No Smoking
Australia is the first country in the world to say: 'No Smoking' and really mean it. Yesterday, the country's High Court upheld the world's toughest laws on cigarette marketing. How lucky Australians are! Lucky to have such brave, wise and foresighted leaders. Brave enough to take on the juggernaut tobacco companies; wise enough to decide and impose the needed; and with foresight enough to realize that the long term effect on the country and its people are too risky and too costly.

The World Health Organization, which is very strongly against smoking welcomed Australia's move. The very powerful, obscenely wealthy tobacco companies tried hard to stop Australia from doing the needed and the very necessary. They failed. These companies should be ashamed for making such huge profits from mainly poor, ordinary people, mostly from the poorest countries in the world. How very unhealthy and risky smoking is, be it the smoking of normal cigarettes or cigars or the inhaling of shisha (hookah), are very well known. Read this and this. For shisha, read this. Very hopefully more countries will emulate Australia's example and impose similar strict measures.

+ Smoking Should Be Banned!
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