29 June, 2012

Yusuf Estes: my favorite Tele Preacher

Yusuf Estes
When it comes to Islam and finding out facts and answers on/about Islam, I have always followed my late Father's advice: read and do research on your own - read, the Noble Qur'an and the Hadiths in particular. But, there are very few preachers who I find very easy, and enjoyable, listening to. Of those who preach through the television - in Arabic or in English, to me, none is as refreshing, easy to understand and as delightful, as the Ohio born and Houston raised Yusuf Estes.

His life history is as interesting as the way he preaches Islam: raised in a strong Christian home, he once was in the music and entertainment industry and owned several music stores; in 1991, after trying to convert a Muslim man from Egypt - after a few days of interacting with the man and in the process learning about Islam, not only did he convert to Islam, but his wife and some members of his family did too.
  • Many people ask me how a preacher or priest in Christianity can ever go to Islam, especially considering all the negative things that we hear about Islam and Muslims everyday. Some people are simply curious, while others take a profound exception to my "conversion" to Islam. Some have asked how I could have turned my back on Jesus, or if I truly understood the Holy Ghost and some even questioned whether or not I considered myself as "born again" or had ever really been saved at all. These are good questions to which I will offer answers to at the end of this writing. I would like to thank everyone for their interest and offer my humble story, God Willing.......Yusuf Estes. Read (on his Website - Islam Tomorrow) about Yusuf Estes and how/why he converted to Islam.
Yusuf always advises and says: worship the Creator and not the created. With that very simple and yet very powerful belief and message, he travels around the world preaching about Islam; and helping many to covert to this very noble, very simple and yet very much misunderstood, and many times - misused, religion. He has also written many books and is very vocal online. One of his most read and very absorbing online articles is: God Allah. Read this, and some of his other articles and books; and watch the man speak - you will then realize why I find this humble man so pleasing and so engrossing to listen to.

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