07 November, 2011

Is a Tropical Storm headed for Hadhramaut?

Can a tropical storm, that has caused havoc and much devastation in Oman - heading for Yemen, hit Hadhramout as it devastatingly did in 2008? As it is - since last Saturday night, Mukalla, and the areas around it, have reportedly been having some of the heaviest rains in memory. During these Eid festivities, Mukalla and areas around, are reportedly wet, muddy and bleak. Reportedly, floods have swept away a few cars and closed some roads.  A Tropical Storm Four is reportedly headed for Southern Yemen:

Tropical storm Four is forecast to strike Yemen at about 12:00 GMT on 10 November.Data supplied by theUS Navy and Air Force Joint Typhoon Warning Centersuggest that the point of landfallwill benear13.4 N,54.6 E.Four is expected to bring 1-minute maximum sustained winds to the region of around74 km/h (46 mph).Wind gusts in the area maybeconsiderably higher........ Alertnet
The JTWC is predicting a gradual bend for the system to the west-southwest during the next 24 hours, with an eventual track towards the Gulf of Aden. 04A might intensify gradually through the next 36 hours, and then begin to dissipate over water since the vertical wind shear is high along Yemen/Oman coasts. Business Line
Tropical Storm Keila has already caused several deaths, hundreds of injuries and caused massive damages to property and infrastructure in Oman. So far, all weather forecasts for the coast of Hadhramaut look good; except for some showers and rains forecast on Sunday and next week. What to watch for and take care of most - are floods. Especially, flush floods. Any one traveling around Yemen during rains, should be very careful of floods. Be more careful when in valleys (however dry they may seem), or when crossing bridges or when crossing flooded roads - however shallow and slow moving the water may seem. Wherever one is, it is advisable too, to stock water, some food and candles.

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+ Photo from: Tropical Storm Risk