11 September, 2011

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Can cold-water, salmon fish be fished in Yemen? Can they be farmed in Yemen? There are no salmon fish in Yemen, as for being farmed - if Dubai can have an Olympic size ice-rink, with some advanced technology, salmon farming can be done in Yemen, but it will be very expensive. That aside, the book: SALMON FISHING IN THE YEMEN by Paul Torday, is about salmon 'fishing' in Yemen, but in a rather satirical, hilarious way. Read it for fun, for the satire and the humor; or, read it and interpret it in as many ways as you want.

You can interpret it as a book and a novel about: Yemen or about attempting and doing the impossible or for the politics, particularly British politics in relation to the Middle East. Or read it for the unusual style that Torday uses to write it: a mix of diary entries, debate papers, emails, minutes etc.. For an almost 60 year old man to write such a very difficult book, with a most strange setting and make it as absorbing and interesting as the novel is, is quite an achievement. I wonder what made Torday think of such a complicated story, set it in such a most improper of places; and wove it around such interesting characters. And at the same time, be so hilarious that you will be laughing all the way to the end. And now, there is a film (filmed in Morocco, Scotland and England) adapted from the book. Can it be as interesting, absorbing and comical as the book?

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