06 September, 2011

Heavy Rains in Hadhramaut

After the sweltering heat and humidity of the last few weeks, it is reported that in several parts of Hadhramaut - for the last ten or so days, there have been heavy rains; sometimes with thunderstorms. With the rains, temperatures cool; and Bedouins and many rural farmers celebrate the plentiful of water for their crops and animals. But with the blessings of the rains, there are many flooded areas too. These floods, flash floods in particular, can be very dangerous and at times - fatal. Very few in Hadhramout can forget the destructive and deadly rains and storm of 2008. Floods have been reported near Mukalla, in Wady Do'an, in Wadi Sa'ah, near Wadi Al'Ain, near Sa'um and near Ghail Bin Yumain.

In Wadi Hadhramaut, it is the main valleys that - water from the highlands collect in and then move rapidly all the way to the Arabian sea; these main valleys (wadis) are: Wadi Amd, Wadi Sur, Wadi Al'Ain and Wadi Do'an. Already, now, flash floods have reportedly swept away and killed some people in Wadi Do'an. Some say, all those killed were members of a single family whose house was swept away. It is reported too - that, near Ghail Bin Yumain - some were swept away.

Many people, against the advice of others and those in authority - have foolishly built houses in flood path areas. They have wrongly believed that by building their houses higher and on 'stronger' foundations, they would be secure. Many times too, the floods that sweep away people - are those that come from far way; mainly, from the highlands. Those on dry areas, where there is no rain at that particular time - are usually taken unawares: the floods simply come down unexpectedly and - should any one not have taken care, the danger of being swept away is there.

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