11 September, 2011

Do you want to blog easily?

I believe the best way to use the Internet, and computers for that matter, is to read and increase one's knowledge. The information and knowledge on the Net is so vast and so varied that in one's whole adult life time, you can only read a fraction of it. The second best way of using the Web, is to write. To write and share. And what other easier way is there to do this, than blogging. Many people think of blogging but do not know how to begin. Many would like to share their ideas or knowledge or thoughts or perspectives with others or would like to speak out but do not know how to start. It is easy. As long as you have the very basic knowledge of how to use a computer and the Internet, you can blog. You can easily blog. Wherever you are as long as you have an Internet connection.

Go to Blogger, sign up or sign in, and - voila! - you can easily start writing and posting your thoughts, photos and videos. Or, take a tour first and get some info and tips. No other blogging service, is as seamlessly easy and friendly to use as Blogger. It has an array and a variety of features, tools and is so versatile and flexible that any beginner can easily use it. Along the way, as you blog, the Blogger team, apart from keeping you updated with Blogger Buzz and the Blogger In Draft Blog, is always there to assist, help and guide you through. And how much does Blogger charge for all this superb service? It is ALL free. All the services and features are offered to all users absolutely free-of-charge.