29 August, 2011

Isamic Finder: for Mosques and More

One of the best, most helpful and most comprehensive service on Islam on the Internet, is undoubtedly Islamic Finder. For Muslims who are traveling and would like to find mosques or the Qiblah direction in a city or part of the world they are in, this is the best site to go to for assistance. At first glance, the site might look simple and empty, but try it and you will realize how a vast and varying information it has and can give you; and how well managed, how well organized and how user friendly the site is.  Apart from mosques and the Qiblah, the site too, has a vast array of information on many other Islamic issues.

It also provides information not only about mosques, but also on: Islamic organizations, Islamic centers, and Muslim owned businesses all over the world. Furthermore, it has an Islamic web directory covering all the necessary information about Islam (Islam, The Holy Quran, Hadith, Fiqh and Fatawa, Education, Muslim Family, Islamic History and Biography, Health and Islamic Medicine, Economy and Commerce, and more). On the Web, very few Muslim or Islamic managed websites can, overall, match Islamic Finder.