10 August, 2011

Get a Google Plus Invite.......

As least interested as I am in social-networking and as least active as I can be on them, I know there are many, maybe millions of people, especially the young who want an 'invite'. Mountain View, not only loves Lucille Ball, they have also now made it very easy to get that 'Invite'. Google Plus is now increasing the numbers of 'invites' and expanding fast. It is very easy to get an 'invite' now.

Go here or here and easily get the 'invite'. With the very fast way that Google Plus is spreading, it will not be long before it becomes as dominant as 'Google Search'. Imagine Microsoft or Yahoo having come up with a service that seems, up-to now, as successful and as craved for as Google+. So much noise and trumpeting would have been made. But Google? They always release their products, however fine they maybe, quietly, humbly and unobtrusively. That's one of their greatest Pluses. Apart from what Google+ may now turn out to be. With all the raves and it spreading as fast as it is around the globe, I won't be surprised - as much as I hate socializing on the Net, if I too, will have to be forced into spending more time on a social-networking platform. On Google Plus.

+ The Google Plus Ripple