14 June, 2011

Sights from the Royal Automobile Museum, Amman

Situated near the scenic King Hussein Park or Al Hussein National Park, not far from the center of Amman, is the Royal Automobile Museum. It has an extensive collection of well maintained classic cars. All collected by the late Jordan's King Hussein. If you don't love autos, you will still like the very organized, very neat museum; with photos and streaming videos displayed at several points, the museum gives you an interesting insight into the Kingdom's history.

The scenery around the museum is quiet and very comforting. A short distance from the Auto Museum is the Children's Museum; if you have children, the more fun. And, just behind the museum, is the King Hussein Bin Talal Mosque.
In-front of the Museum is the relic of this vintage old plane; reportedly the first or one of the first to be used by the Kingdom's air-force.
The main attraction here is the very well maintained display of classic cars and motorcycles.
The Cadillac Type 53, above.
The museum is also about the late King Hussein; and the Kingdom of Jordan.
The vehicles are displayed in a chronological order that allows you to walk through the museum and walk through Jordan’s history at the same time.
The cars and motorcycles are in varying colors and shapes.
Above: the 1952 Aston Martin, DB2.
Juxtaposed with the display of autos, are large photos on the walls next to that particular display; the photos tell the history of that display and its time-line. Above: Lincoln Capri Convertible
The 'Adenaur' 300 Cabriolet D, Mercedes Benz: above.
A display of great taste and colors: red, above.
Black, the most elegant color for luxury cars.
And silver and cream.
The 8 cylinder, 4720cc Cord, above.
Above: Mercedes Benz 600 LWB 'Pullman'.
Above: the 8 cylinder, 5700cc, Phantom IV Rolls Royce. Only 17 of such were manufactured in 1952.
The museum has a display of many old Mercedes Benzs and Land Rovers.
And on display are many motorcycles; of a variety of models: Harley Davidsons, BMWs, Triumphs and others.
Where else would you be able to see this one of a very few BMW, above?
Or as many variety and models of classic motorcycles?
Most likely, you may never have seen such a variety of motorcycles on display, in one place.
And so many vintage cars in one place; certainly: no where else in the Middle East.
The Museum is a celebration of super expensive and luxurious cars and motorcycles.
Above: the Buick, Super series 56 Convertible.
I understand, this museum, inaugurated by King Abdullah II in 2003, is the first auto museum of its kind in the Middle East.
The 1940, 8 cylinder. 5833cc Packard - above.
Most of these cars and motorbikes, due to their rarity and fineness, have actually become more expensive with time and age. Above: Mercedes Benz; on the right, the V6, 2996cc, 300SL.
Next to the cars and motorbikes are stands with details of the: make, model, horsepower, engine type and size, and other information, of what is on display. The below red car, is reportedly amphibious.
On display are about 100 autos and motorcycles; some, dating back to as far as 1909. Apart from the videos and photos on display as one walks through the Museum, there are audio guides in Arabic, English, German, French and Spanish. Within the museum, there is a gift-shop selling museum: watches, T-shirts, mugs and other memorabilia.
These classic, fast cars - above - you will certainly never get to see any where else; except here.

The late King Hussein, was an avid car and motorcycle enthusiast and participated in various races: rallies, carting, hill climbs and speed trials. The Royal Automobile Museum was built by the present King: Abdullah II, as a tribute to his father and to commemorate his father's love for cars. All the cars and motorcycles in the museum are classic and of the highest quality. Many were of 'Limited' productions. There are BMWs, Rolls Royces, Mercedes Benzs, Jaguars, Cadillacs, Fords and Aston Martins; and Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Bugattis and a Porsche. Not the kind of autos you can easily see on streets. In fact, most of the cars and motorcycles on display, most likely, you may never have seen them before or may never see them again. Especially this up-close.

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