17 May, 2011

Try these.......

Life is a series of routines shaped by habits formed by character. That's why we do almost the same things, every day, over and over; most of us always avoid the unknown and the un-used to. Why not try these for a change:
  •  Have you tried the Windows 7 Operating System? Try it and you will love it and really have fun. It is sleek, much faster, more simplified than other operating systems and very user friendly. Windows 7 costs money; then, why not give the completely different and absolutely free Ubuntu a try? You will have fun too.
  • With Windows 7, you can have Microsoft's best browser, so far: Internet Explorer9. You will like it.
  • Of browsers: most people are used to using the same one every day. There are many other browsers out there. Try, especially, Slimbrowser for a change.
  • One can easily get misinformed and brainwashed watching the same news channels over the TV or going over to the same news sites on the Internet, over and over. For a change, why not watch the very refreshing, very European, German DW-TV (they have many programs in English) or go to their similarly informative and pleasing online site - here. Or go far east, and get a completely different perspective of our world and happenings from China's CCTV. If you are used to dramatic and theatrical Western styled news media, you might get bored by the restrictive Chinese channel and site; but they are completely different and you can view the world from a completely different angle.
  • Do you like movies? They don't make any truly great movies these days. Be they Egyptian or American or Indian. Go for the old classics: the Egyptians do not make any good films any more; but try some of these old ones, especially those of the 1940s and 1950s when Egypt made really great movies, and you will wonder what has happened to Egypt's film makers. As for American, Indian and other parts of the world, very few, if any, movies made these days are good; while many of the old ones, still remain outstanding.
  • Same goes for novels: most of the best are old, be they in Arabic or English or in any other language. For novels in English, I agree with this list and this TIME's list.
  • And last: try changing your sleeping and eating habits to a healthy and more happier one. Eat wisely. And sleep well: read this and this. Most people in urban areas, wake up early because they have to go to work; very few people realize that the best moments during the day, are before and during sunrises and sunsets; at these moments, it is unhealthy to be sleeping and not relaxing to be indoors; these are the best and healthiest times to be out in the open.
These are my personal views. I am too, a person of habit and routines. But, regularly, I make it a point of doing things differently; many times, doing some things differently and out of routine, I discover many beneficial, positive and helpful ideas and things.